Our commitment towards our customers is to offer a complete range of telecommunications services, adopted to market requirements and based on the use of the most successful tools of modern technology. Our mission: The continuous improvement of the entrepreneurial capability and quality of life of our customers, by providing competitive electronic communications services. Our vision: Working together to make CYTA the leading competitive enterprise of Cyprus. CYTA: Cyprus Telecommunications A’. Our strategy is based on our eagerness to be customer and people oriented. Customer orientation is expressed by the Organisation's focus on offering service levels which exceed our customers expectations. People orientation is expressed by the moves and values of both our customers, our personnel and society in general, which are the basic ingredients for the development of satisfied and productive personnel who are servicing satisfied and happy customers. The relationship of the organisation with its personnel/customers is based on honesty, cooperation and understanding. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations by offering excellent service both quality and timing wise, aiming at the establishment of a long-term relationship with our customers. This is achieved through the continuous development of our personnel, the constant enhancement of the IT equipment they use, the introduction of modern Human Resource Management tools and the development of pleasant and comfortable work areas. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our customer requirements in full, through the continuous improvement of the service level we offer, including order handling/execution, after sales service and complaint handling.