So Easy Kiosks Ltd was established on December 2001 and opened up its first store on April 2002.  So Easy Kiosks Ltd activities include primarily the operation and management of a network of Kiosks and Convenience Stores with aim to lead the retail trend to where it ought to stand against or in parallel to how convenience stores and small retail outlets in developed countries, Europe and USA.

We offer a broad range of branded household products at fair prices with particular emphasis on the everyday essentials, like milk, beverages, to a full line of baby products, wide selection of private label brands, as well as unique value for money product offers.

We constantly work to extend the So Easy Stores brand with continuous leadership and innovation via the development of new business ideas, new products and additional in-store services.

Our commitment to business principles such as product quality, value for money, customer service, product innovation and business trust, sets us apart from our competitors, and enables us to offer to our customers something truly special at every single day.